Yellow Peeling Oil

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Yellow Peeling Oil

This yellow peel lessens the appearance of dark marks, pimples and scars with a 3-day application process to rid you of old, dead skin to reveal fresh, new and baby-like skin. IMPORTANT: Results vary. Depending on your skin, you may or may not experience peeling after your first 3-day application. Also, depending on the toughness of your skin, you may not experience peeling immediately. It may once in a while take 7-10 days after the first 3-day application process. This incessantly occurs with arms and legs. If you have ethnic skin, it is advised that you use a natural lightener (e.g. Makari Active Intense Advanced Lightening Toning Glycerin), AFTER PEELING COMPLETELY, to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation for about 3 weeks but no longer than a month, for the best results). READ INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE APPLYING PEELING OIL!!!!! Keep away from reach of children. Please do not use on pregnant woman, lactating mothers and children below 12 years old, unless advised by a dermatologist. A patch test is HIGHLY ADVISED! DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Please follow the directions carefully especially No. 2!!! 1.) Wash or clean the skin area where the peeling oil will be applied. Let it dry. Use only hands with soap when you take a bath and rinse right away. Avoid using scrubs or exfoliants. 2.) Evenly apply peeling oil on your skin using your fingertips three (3) times a day within 15 minute intervals for three (3) days only. Let it dry, do not rinse. It is best to apply at night. (It is recommended by dermatologists to use at night only because of less exposure to the sun.) 3.) Peeling will begin in 2-4 days and will last about 5-7 days. (Amount of peeling varies depending on the user’s skin moisture content). To prevent redness or itchiness, apply HYDROCORTISONE CREAM/LOTION on the second day of applying the peeling oil. 4.) After the 3-day application process is done and the dead skin has peeled off, let the skin rest for a minimum of seven (7) days until the redness is gone. If results don’t seem to be satisfactory, wait 3 months before applying 3-day peeling oil again. IMPORTANT:Never remove the peeling skin. Never wash your face continuously to hasten peeling. Think of the dead skin as a protective bandage for the fresh skin. The longer it stays, the better the result.Do not rub or scrub your face All over the peeling process.All over the day use sunblock of SPF 30 or higher to lessen the sun’s effects. Exposure to sunlight should be minimized All over use because this may lead to a more intense action by the product.It’s normal to feel itchy at first for a few weeks, as the skin is fresh and new. Just apply HYDROCORTISONE CREAM/LOTION every time the skin feels itchy. Refrain from scratching if itchiness occurs. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight at the same time as on remedy. Use sunblock if there is continuous exposure to sunlight.If irritation occurs, discontinue use.Do not treat same area for more than three sessions at a time.Do not apply to areas of skin where you have other problems, such as eczema. No advantage will be obtained by using more than the recommended amounts All over application, since redness, over-peeling and/or discomfort may occur.Please be advised that there are NO REFUNDS!!! Peeling results vary, there is not any guarantee that your skin will peel. Therefore, there are NO REFUNDS!!!

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