Wireless Control 8dof RC Robot Arm+ Shock-Absorbing Tank Chassis DIY For Arduino

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TS100 tank chassis parameters:Material: aluminum alloySurface: sandblasting oxidationColor: black / gold / silverTrack: engineering plasticsDrive wheel: metalBearing wheel: metalMotor: 25mm 9V 150 rpm motor with encoder, Measured speed feedbackWeight: 1.1kgLoad: 5kg 9V 150rpm with encoder motor: 8-axis robot arm parameters:Mechanical arm body material: aluminum alloyWeight: 0.82kg (including servo weight)Color: black, silver, goldServo optional: MG996R metal gear large servoFeatures: The mechanical arm will also be equipped with a mechanical gripper, the load of the grip is about 500g; the base of the robot arm will also be rotated 360 degrees. G6 Gripper parameters:Material: hard aluminum alloyWeight: about 40g (without servo)Maximum angular separation: 86mmOverall length: 83mm (the overall longest length when the paw is closed)Overall width ①:150mm (maximum overall width when the paw is open)Overall width ②:55mm (maximum overall width when the paw is closed)Overall thickness: 54mm (maximum overall thickness with servo claws MG996R servo parameters:Name: MG996RNet weight: 55 gSize: 40.7*19.7*42.9 mmPulling force: 9.4 kg/cm (4.8 V), 11 kg/cm (6 V)Reaction rate: 0.17 sec / 60 degree (4.8 V ), 0.14 sec / 60 degree (6 V)Working voltage: 4.8-7.2 VWorking temperature: 0°C-55°CGear form: metal gearWorking dead zone: 5 us (microseconds) Keep watch over type: Module pin description and schematic: 16-channel servo & 4-channel motor driver board, driven by TB66124, PCA9685 for 16-channel servo Keep watch over;Bring out the Arduino UNO I/O pin;The maximum input voltage of the power supply is 15V/DC; Reserve Bluetooth & WIFI module sockets;Reserve PS2 care for socket;Four-way DC motor drive, single-channel maximum drive current 1.2A average / 3.2A peak;16-way servo drive pins, power supply will also be switched by external/internal power supply of jumper cap. Product technical specifications: power input:Motor power supply (VM): 4.5V ~ 36V, will also be powered one by one;Servo power (VIN): 5 ~ 18V, will also be powered one by one; Single power supply use:Open circuit VM and VIN, (one by one Keep watch over the motor, 6 ~ 36V);Open circuit VS and VIN, one by one Keep watch over the servo (6 ~ 18V);Short-circuit VM and VIN even as shorting VS and 5V. Simultaneous Keep watch over of motor (6 ~ 18V) and 16 5V servo Shipping list: Black/Silver/Golden with wifi/bluetooth/care for: 1 × TS100 tank chassis1 × 8-axis robot arm1 × G6 gripper8 × MG996R servo2 × DC motor1 × wifi/bluetooth/care for Keep watch over kit Silver/Golden no Keep watch over: 1 × TS100 tank chassis1 × 8-axis robot arm1 × G6 gripper8 × MG996R servo2 × DC motor Note:This product does not include a battery;So as to facilitate transportation, the product isn’t assembled.More documents will also be downloaded at wiki.doit.am.If you want to put in the manual, please leave your email after placing the order.

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