Wholesale Lot 10 Scarf Multiwear Long Maxi Dresses Maternity, Resort, Spa, Beach

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Wholesale Lot 10 Scarf Multiwear Long Maxi Dresses Maternity, Resort, Spa, Beach

Silk Multi Wear Scarf Long Maxi Dress – 1 Ring & 2 Rings Best for Honeymoon Travel, Beach/Spa Wear/ Cover up Great for Maternity as well You’re going to receive a wholesale lot of 10 assorted prints and colors (Five 1 Ring and Five 2 Rings) Photos in listing show the quite a lot of styles that may be achieved with these dresses. May not necessarily come in those same exact colors. For more styles, You’ll search on google and YouTube. These satin poly scarf dresses are the summer’s perfect multi-wear dresses. It is light-weight and very figure flattering. Has color coordinated cords that match the dresses and are attached to fashionable rings. Chords may also be tied at the back of your neck or pulled to the back and around your waist for a different look. With two ring dresses, there is an additional cord below chest to create more looks.  The dress is comfortable, silky to touch and versatile. These beautiful silk scarf dress offer an array of possibilities for different how you can wear them. You’ll achieve any number of looks from simple to sophisticated in skirts, dresses and shawls.One simple dress can take you from the beach to an evening dinner. This can be a perfect maternity dress for those expecting as well.  Size: Fits 0-16 US Length: Between 57″-58″ at its longest point  Fabric: Satin Poly Blend Get ready to turn heads and receive numerous compliments!

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