SparkFun Transparent OLED HUD Breakout (Qwiic)

SparkFun Transparent OLED HUD Breakout (Qwiic)

Description: Clear screens are no longer a thing of the Sci-Fi world! The Qwiic Transparent OLED HUD is SparkFun’s answer to all of your futuristic transparent HUD needs. Designed for use in vehicle heads-up displays, this OLED panel is brilliant at nighttime but easily visible in daylight. The display is “area colored” meaning that whilst no one segment can change colors, there are different colored segments on the display. The SparkFun Transparent OLED Breakout allows you to easily regulate the display the use of the I2C protocol and includes a voltage step-up to generate the panel’s 12V driving voltage from Qwiic’s 3.3V bus. To make things even easier, we’ve thrown together an Arduino library so that doing things like changing the speedometer read out is as easy as calling setSpeedometer() in your sketch. Utilizing our handy Qwiic system, no soldering is required to connect it to the rest of your system. Then again, we still have broken out 0.1″-spaced pins in case you prefer to use a breadboard. The Arduino sketch required to drive this display requires moderately a bit of dynamic memory, meaning that it is not going to fit on a smaller controller like an ATmega328. Any controller with larger RAM shouldn’t have any problem. It has been tested to run very well on an Arduino Mega 2560. In addition, your 3.3v source must be robust enough to supply around 400mA to the display. The SparkFun Qwiic Connect System is an ecosystem of I2C sensors, actuators, shields and cables that make prototyping faster and less prone to error. All Qwiic-enabled boards use a common 1mm pitch, 4-pin JST connector. This reduces the amount of required PCB space, and polarized connections mean you’ll be able to’t hook it up unsuitable. Includes:1 x Transparent OLED Display1 x Qwiic HUD Breakout Board Features:106.00mm x 37.90mm Panel SizeTotally TransparentSegmented Display with 230 separate segmentsRequires 3.3V at ~500mAI2C Addresses: 0x30, 0x312x Qwiic Connectors

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