Settlers of Catan Board | 5-6 Players FULL. PINK. Custom, Wood, Laser Cut.

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Settlers of Catan Board | 5-6 Players FULL. PINK. Custom, Wood, Laser Cut.

Settlers of Catan Board | 5-6 Players FULL. Handmade. Custom, Wood, Laser Cut. Board Game Pieces. Gift for gamer. In stock.!!! This can be a complete set, which includes a basic board for 3-4 people and an extension up to 5-6 people.Description:- Version for 3-4 players.- Created by laser cutting from top quality plywood.- Hand-painted by our craftsmen. – Varnished for protection against damage.- Parts are fastened in a sturdy and reliable manner.- Compatible with all editions of Settlers of Catan™.Comes with:- 19 hexes (4 sheep, 4 wood, 4 wheat, 3 brick, 3 ore, 1 desert)- 6 border pieces- 18 number tiles- 9 ports – Pouches for storing game pieces.+++- 11 hexes (2 wood, 2 sheep, 2 wheat, 2 brick, 2 ore, 1 desert)- 4 border expansion pieces- 28 number tiles- 2 ports ==================================================*** PERSONALIZATION:We will be able to add any text or image on the back side of the desert hex. When ordering ‘Engraved’, specify the text that you wish to be engraved on the plate. It’s going to require additional 3-4 days.*** WE SHIP WORLDWIDEWe deliver our products in every single place the world via standard postal services. If you want to use expedited delivery, contact us to discuss the details.*** COST OF DELIVERYIf you order several items in our store, we can recalculate the shipping cost and make a refund of money to your account.==================================================*** IMPORTANT: As a way to play Settlers Catan ™ with this board, you should have the official Settlers of Catan™ board game.

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