Settlers of Catan and Seafarers Expansion 3D Printed Interlocking Tiles

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Settlers of Catan + Seafarers 3D Printed Set • 5-6 players: Form of Tile Qty Sea 16 Surrounding Sea Edge 26 Corner Sea Edge 6 Desert 4 Gold 4 Wheat 7 Brick 7 Ore 7 Pasture 7 Forest 7 Harbor Sheep 2 Harbor Generic 5 Harbor Wheat 1 Harbor Brick 1 Harbor Ore 1 Harbor Forest 1 Cities 24 Settlement 30 Boats 90 To play the sport You still need the unique Catan game. Main points All tiles have interlocking tabs to keep the board in combination Since they’re painted they may look somewhat different from the photos All pieces are constituted of PLA plastic with 3D printer. These games are printed upon request so order completion time shall be 3-4 weeks (Painted) or 2-3 weeks (unpainted)

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