Set Chess Board/Checkers-Handmade High Detail Wooden Game,Board Size 15.8 x 15.8

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Chess Board/Checkers- Foldable table- Handmade High Detail Wooden Game+Complete set of 32 pieces.Board Size 15.8 x 15.8 in.Such collectible product should not be perceived as an peculiar board game. Different Mosaic Woodwork chess bring positive energy as they are created by skillful hands from Syria and contain a part of their souls. Each figure is unique and feels adore it has its own character. The main goal of the master that creates such chess is to please and amaze people with his works.Chess pieces are Beautiful as a display and fun to playwith complete set of 32 pieces .Color: 16 Black pieces and 16 White pieces.>>>>>>>> GIFT 30 CHECKERS PIECE <<<<<<<< 15 Black pieces and 15 White pieces. - Number : C 804 - Dimensions are : 15.8"(40 CM) long, 15.8"(40 CM) wide, and 3"(7 CM) thick. - Weight: Approx. 2650 g - 6.2'' Ounce - You'll receive the same design shown in the photo .- As of any actually handmade product, there are few flaws and imperfections.Please note that this can be a handmade item , so varnish or finishing every so often may not looks like machine made itemI hope you'll be able to mark me as a favorite too and stop in every now and then as I am all the time adding new designs .Thank you for visiting my shop!

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