Rooney Heritage Collection Stubby 1 Super Badger Handmade Shaving Brush

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Super plush, the Rooney Heritage Collection Stubby 1 Super Badger Handmade Shaving Brush gets many positive comments at the shaving forums. The knot is very big, particularly when contrasted with the care for, and this makes for a nice brush for face lathering. As a result of the denseness of the hairs this brush has a strong backbone and good exfoliating action in addition to superior whisker lifting ability. The faux bone care for is short but easy to grip with its graceful curves and encircling ridge, in homage to the Rooneys of the mid 19th century.An R.A. Rooney & Sons shaving brush is all the time handcrafted, a tradition going back over two hundred years. Nowadays’s Heritage Collection brushes from Rooney give the company’s past its due, offering the sophisticated wet shavers of Nowadays a taste of some of the best designs of 1850s brushes created in the refined and generously knotted manner, high domed in the customary London style.Rooney super badger brushes are continuously known as “super silvertip badger” by other vendors. As Rooney does not label any of their brushes as silvertip, if you’re in search of Rooney’s highest quality hair, you have found it here in their super badger range. Knot diameter: 26 mmBristle loft: 44 mmHandle height: 40 mmOverall height: 84 mmMade in England

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