Rooney Heritage Collection Beehive 1 Super Badger Handmade Shaving Brush

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Easy to grip on account of the parallel ridges encircling the deal with, the Rooney Heritage Collection Beehive 1 Super Badger Handmade Shaving Brush performs like the finest badger and brings a fascinating apiarian look to your shaving area. The tips are described as “scrubby,” pleasurable for creating lather on the face. Rooney is said to be returning to its roots with these brushes, recreating a shaving brush experience from more than a century ago. R.A. Rooney & Sons also adopts the moniker City of London Brushworks, a long term brush making concern founded in the 18th century; the actual beginning is shrouded in mystery as a fire burned records in the 1880s. The brushes crafted by Rooney are highly sought after and well liked by experienced wet shavers. In case you are in search of a premium brush from one of London’s enigmatic artisanal masters, imagine one of the most Rooneys now to be had online at Fendrihan. Rooney super badger brushes are continuously known as “super silvertip badger” by other vendors. As Rooney does not label any of their brushes as silvertip, if you’re in search of Rooney’s highest quality hair, you have found it here in their super badger range. Knot diameter: 20 mmBristle loft: 44 mmHandle height: 46 mmOverall height: 90 mmMade in England

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