RG271 REGENI disassembly jig for back cover of smartphone

RG271 REGENI disassembly jig for back cover of smartphone

RG-271 disassembly jig for smartphone back coverby REGENI Reference movie link(1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIrbaVWGmk0link(2) with RG270 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCIzUbGrAsQ Earlier version RG-270 used TABATA suction cup was once upgraded to RG-271by 2 upgraed rubber suction cups with better suction capacityand faster and strong turning knob ( microbar type is slow) Suction cup lever and suction frame is more durable than plastic TABATA cup type Suction cup adopted 57mm rubber suction cup which has stronger suction capacity !! smaller suction cup is option (one by one consult us) MOTOROLA service centers in South The united states and repair shops usingRG202 mobile dryer adopted RG271 for easier disassembly of back cover. Application: to disassemble back cover of smartphone Process: 1) To heat smartphone safely with RG202 mobile dryer (option dryer oven)2) After taking out the phone, turn over and lift upper plate and fix phone for back cover face upward at lower plate of RG271 Right now digitizer connect LCD and main body of phone must be away from hinge of lower pate By structure, RG-271 is like opening a book, thus connected portion must be away not to damage digitizer 3) Put down upper plate and lift every lever of suction cup by one hand to hold lever of suction cup with the other hand to push phone upward for better attachment against suction cup. Right now position of every suction cap will also be adjusted by loosening fixing screws in black head 4) Turn black headed knob fast to start with and slower later for sticky adhesive inside phone to answer pulling load of end of turning knob. By structure, end of turning knob makes distance longer against pad on jig to pull back cover like opening a book. 5) Prepare option alcohol container with a long and sharp end nozzle to pour side between back cover and main body of smartphone to reduce stickiness of adhesive. We recommend ethyl alcohol which is less harmful. User must take caution to slowly turn knob to check response of adhesive to lose stickiness regularly whenever there is feeling for adhesive to strongly pull back cover and stress on cover is felt, slowly turn knob and stop turning knob, pour alcohol around whole sides of phone If user can insert disassembly tool RG-512 (option disassembly tool) into the space between back cover and main body of phone, loosen every lever of suction cup, then use RG-512 to cut sticky matters and go round with RG-512 along the space between back cover and main body of phone Made in Korea

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