Refurbished 272 Diode Hair Low Light Laser Treatment Hair Growth/Loss Cap/Helmet

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Westwood Research Labs is proud to introduce a portable laser device designed for the management of hair loss in both women and men.From the moment you put the laser cap on you’ll feel a tingly sensation that stimulates the scalp. The laser device consists of 272 medical grade laser diodes, each and every with 5mW of power and is worn under a cap. Pulsating technology the lights pulsates to stimulate blood waft in the scalp and help accelerate hair growth. Comes with a one year laser cap warranty.Why pay $2500 for the cap that may be made exactly the same, with the same parts? Our battery pack is 5000mah compared the the expensive brand that may be 2200mah so our brand will last 3 treatments without charging. Our cap will beep each and every 10 minutes and shut off automatically after 30 minutes.Our cap pulsates to stimulate blood waft in the scalp which creates hair growth and also strengthens to grow thicker hair.Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, the power source can also be clipped on to your clothing or slipped into a pocket, making it simple to use in the comfort of your home or car. NOTE: PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE AND PROPER PROCEDURE TO CHARGE BATTERY PACK. NEVER LEAVE CAP CONNECTED WHILE CHARGING BATTERY PACK. NEVER LOOK OR STARE DIRECTLY INTO LASER CAP OR LASERS DIRECTLY.Have been an Ebay seller since March 2000 with over 50,000 hair related items sold!Shipping Priority Mail. The 272 independent lasers are collected in a sealed semicircle module, which uses lithium battery power supply and can also be inserted into any hat/cap. So easy to carry, just like wearing a normal cap/hat, you’ll be able to use at anytime, anywhere.Lasers are hard at work under your cap, at the same time as you go about your activities, striving to toughen hair quality and restore your hair.Technical Data:1) Power Pack Output Voltage: 11.1V~12V PulseFrequency: 4.5 HzTotal Capacity: 5000mAh2) Charger Output voltage: 12.6VOutput Current: 1000mA3) Laser Hair HatA. Diode Laser: 5MWB. Number of Lasers 272C. Wavelength 650nm± 5nmD. Total Power 1.360WMechanical SpecificationDimensions: 200× 170× 70mm (L× W× H, bare device)Weight: 0.21KGDelivery includes:1. LLLT device2.650nm, 5MW Diode Laser3. Power Pack4. Hat5. Charger6. 1 Year Warranty

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