Playmaxx Red Killer Bee YoYo (Red Bumble Bee yo-yo) Super Rare Vintage Unused

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KILLER BEE YO-YO Made specially for prizes at Yo-Yo Contests, it is a super rare RED KILLER BEE by Playmaxx. Comprised of the old stock ProYos that were ground down and re-melted to make this awesome twist at the famous Bumble Bee ball bearing yo-yo with brake pad technology. This one comes with RED FISH EYES! The Killer Bee used to be a limited edition award yo-yo made by Playmaxx. An identical in design to the ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee, the Killer Bee used to be a special run produced in solid red plastic with special Killer Bee side pogs. These were never made for retail sale, as they were only to be had as prizes for contest winners at ProYo-sponsored competitions, making it one of the sought-after ProYo collectors’ items. The story goes, is that Tom Van Dan Elzen, who is the head of Playmaxx, wanted to produce a run of Turbo Bumble Bee yo-yos in the similar color as the original brick red ProYo (the company’s first release in 1976). Unable to precisely match the color with the to be had plastic dyes of the 1990s, they had as a substitute taken a handful of original ProYos and melted them down so as to mold the Killer Bee yo-yos. Super Rare Vintage Unused Playmaxx Red Killer Bee. Condition is New


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