NEW! SW! OOP! Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition (Parker Brothers 2006)

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NEW! OOP! SHRINK-WRAPPED! First Edition Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition Board Game. On this Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition of Risk, there are 3 factions within the game, every with its own victory conditions. Players make a selection to play as the Rebels, Empire, or Hutts and battle for domination of the Galaxy. The Empire can use the Death Star to terrorize all and the Rebels can grow within the Force as The sport goes on by attacking Imperial Bases. Heroes and villains like Luke, Han, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett come into play at the many faction cards that may be played all the way through The sport. Factions can give a boost to their attack with ships. The sport includes 2 Death Stars and enough sculpted pieces representing the Rebels, Empire, and Hutt factions for 5 players. The Risk game play has been up to date and enhanced with cards, ships, and The Force to represent the Star Wars Original Trilogy.

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