Midline Valve Compression Coupling Fitting, with Packing Nut, Brass, 5 in. Long

Midline Valve Compression Coupling Fitting, with Packing Nut, Brass, 5 in. Long

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Long Click Thumbnails to Enlarge product description This Midline Valve Premium Brass Compression Union is the ideal choice for connecting water lines in your piping systems. It features DZR forged brass body, secure compression joints, easy installation and includes a brass packing nut. Manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship, it’s going to serve your plumbing needs faithfully.SECURITY: unites 2 shorter lengths of same O.D. piping with a secure, leak free compression jointVERSATILE: works great with ice makers, faucets, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. FAST AND EASY: features a super easy DIY solution for water line extension. BONUS: brass packing nut included QUALITY: heavy duty DZR lead free forged brass constructionUPC approved Shipping Upon confirmation of receiving payment, orders are shipped via UPS, USPS, or FedEx. We only ship to physical addresses in the contiguous United States – we don’t ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, and we don’t ship to APO/FPO addresses or P.O. Boxes. A shipping tracking number will be provided. Please note that it make take up to 1 additional business day to process an order. Cancellations If you wish to have to cancel an order please reach out as soon as imaginable! We can do our best but cannot guarantee that we will halt shipment of an order. If you want to cancel an order that has already shipped, it is very important set up a return and send the material back with an RMA form. The customer is responsible for the initial shipping charges for the order and the shipping charges associated with the return. 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It’s a good practice to include 6.If an eBay-generated shipping label is used, You’ll be able to track the status of the returned item in the Purchase history section of My eBay. Find the returned item and click View return details from the More actions drop-down menu. 7.If Pro Plumbing Supply has provided our own label, You’ll be able to track the status of the returned item in the Purchase history section of My eBay. Find the returned item and click View return details from the More actions drop-down menu. If you return an item through an alternative shipping method, you should make sure that tracking is included in case eBay needs to step in to review the progress of your return. 8.Pro Plumbing Supply refunds you within 6 business days of receiving the returned item. If you’re requesting a new item as part of a replacement or exchange, you have 5 business days to ship the original item back to the seller once you agree to a replacement or exchange. 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1-2 in. (24 Pack- $8.69 each)



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