Microbiology Culture Kit

Microbiology Culture Kit

School Specialty Consult with Our Store About Us Contact Us Signup for our Newsletter Microbiology Culture Kit Students culture bacteria, yeast and mold with this popular kit. In addition they study algae and protozoa from pond water they supply. Kit incorporates sterile growth containers, media, cultures of mixed bacteria, yeast and mixed mold. Background material and discussion questions for both qualitative and quantitative observations are included within the reproducible student worksheets. Enough material for 30 students to work for my part. Includes MSDS. Grades 7-12. Sold as an EachThis kit is an extremely valuable teaching toolStudents will find the activities and information fascinatingProvides the chance to look at first-hand the result of their experimentsAllows for hands-on experience so that you can aid in better memorization and retention skills of materials learned

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