Mendocino Motor, Levitating engine, Solar motor made by KLOSE GbR

Mendocino Motor, Levitating engine, Solar motor made by KLOSE GbR

Mendocino Motor A Mendocino Motor catches most anyone’s attention. You are wondering what keeps this levitating device in motion. Its fascinating that a very very waek physician force (Lorentz force) can create motion… Our motors are quality hand made in Germany.coils are inside the rotor and blocked by plastic to avoid any deformationthe steel balls acrylic running surface is secure by hardened borosilicate glass8-faces rotor bodya strong neodymium magnet is hidden in the tube laser cut acrylic partsoutgoing controll: the motor should start in the shine of a big tea light (flames high 2,5 cm)polished aluminum and black acrylic let the motor look preciousevery Mendocino Motor has a critical rotation speed where the rotor swings. (You can not eleminate resonant vibration of the ring magnets unsymmetric magnet fields) Over and under that critical rotation speed the Rotor rotates like in ball bearings.avaialble in red, blue and silver Well packed and sent by registered mail.*6-faces and 8-faces Mendocino Motors are different to 4-faces motors in their manner to start. All 6-faces and 8-faces Mendocino Motors get a driving impulse every 60 degree turn btw 45 degree turn. (4-faces motors get one all 90 degree turns) Additional our solar panels are constructed and produced especially for our 6-faces and 8-faces Mendocino Motors. They’re only 20 mm wide, high efficient and they have got an ideal current to produce Lorentz Force. The width of our solar panels causes that our coils are better placed in the magnet field than 4-faces motors with wide solar panels ever could. And we place our coils inside the rotor where you’ll be able to create more windings with the same length (and resistance) of copper wire. So our motors rotate in the shine of a big tea light. It is the magic of our 6-faces and 8-faces Mendocino Motors and a part of our outgoing keep an eye on. Our old 4-faces motors needed a lot more light to start than they needed to care for rotating. Some didn’t start themselves. That’s why KLOSE GbR stopped producing cheap 4-faces Mendocino Motors.

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