Leister Triac ST Welding Kit w/Mozart Knife

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Leister Triac ST Welding Kit w/Mozart Knife

All of the tools you wish to have in your warmth welding job! This floor welding kit includes the brand new Leister Triac ST hot air hand welder plus all comprehensive accessories including the preferred Mozart Trimming Knife. This kit is the easiest selection for the pro who demands quality tools to get the job done right. This Floor Welder’s Kit includes: Leister Triac ST Welding Gun 1600W/120V Pencil Tip Nozzle 4mm Spherical Speed Nozzle 5mm Spherical Speed Nozzle Tool Rest w/Tray Clean Out Tool Pull Groover Feed Roller Mozart Trimming Knife w/5 Pack of Blades Leather Knife Cover Pliers & Nippers Tool Box

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