lanza Hair Care

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lanza Hair Care

lanza therapeutic Colour care. Situation is New. Shipped with USPS First Elegance Bundle. 1-4N. 1-5AX. 1-6N. 1-7A. 1-8G 1-4AX. 1-5A. 1-6A. 1-7NA. 1-8NN 1-4X. four-5N. 1-6P. 1-7CC. 1-8AX 1-4AR. 1-5G. 1-6NA 1-9A. 1-10A. 1-10N Overall of 24 more than a few 3fl ozcolor Overall of 3 10oz Cream Decolorizer Overall of 1 33.8 fl ozCream Developer Overall of 4 33.8 fl ozDemi Cream Developer Overall of 3 33.8 fl ozTranslucent Colour catalyst


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