Kit(!): Magnetsphere, Mendocino Motor, Solar motor made by KLOSE GbR

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Kit(!): Magnetsphere, Mendocino Motor, Solar motor made by KLOSE GbR

You purchase a kit for a magnet sphere. We deliberately don’t offer the finished model at this point. The hobbyist must not lose the joy of creating the model. An already assembled and tested board will limit the requirements. The building instructions illustrated with many pictures and built up in small steps make the hobbyist’s heart beat faster. The Magnetsphere is a development of KLOSE GbR. With the experience from Mendocino motor construction and its kits, this new project used to be born: The Magnetsphere, a floating, lightly rotating sphere (mathematically speaking, this can be a rhombic cuboctahedron). The fitting cuts, the fine geometry and the resourceful solutions fascinate the technically interested. A majestic calmness of movement makes the viewer pause and linger in it. Technology that may be enthusiastically paired with high-quality materials. precisely lasered acrylic planes of the sphere with clear edges and resulting interesting light refractionsall acrylic parts still have the protective film on deliveryStainless steel columns are ground on both sides (!) With 240 grain, the base plates at the visible sideIndividually cast monocrystalline solar cells specially manufactured for these kits with very discreet and symmetrical collecting linesThis kit comprises a printed circuit board with a coil and connections for the solar cell and a lithium batteryRotation speed adjustable from approx. 30 rpm to 100 rpmdetailed building instructions, illustrated with many pictures, are sent digitallyDimensions of the finished magnet sphere: 210x110x150 mm ( length x width x high)Delivered in a decorative wooden box Coping with neodymium magnets requires caution and care. Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE

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