Jewelry Soldering Kit Tools Materials Set Magnesia Block Tweezers 3rd Hand +++

Jewelry Soldering Kit Tools Materials Set Magnesia Block Tweezers 3rd Hand +++

JEWELRY SOLDERING KIT OF SUPPLIES TOOLS MATERIALS SOLDERING SUPPLIES FOR SILVER-SMITHING AND JEWELRY MAKING The kit contains products that will be used for years, they are the basics that will at all times be needed, the materials and tools are excellent quality, they’re going to last and serve the purpose and function that they were designed for. We have included more than a few soldering boards and tools that will be necessary and used in soldering applications, and of course a pair of Safety Glasses. Soldering Kit Contents: JETS KIT PRODUCT # 1020-4010 – Transite® HT Soldering Board JETS # 1922-16012 A hard Board that measures 6″ x 12″ x 1/2″ thick. Board can be used for welding and soldering, and can serve as an insulation base,( a protective surface to weld and solder) board comes with 4 rubber feet which elevate and keep the board from direct contact of the bench surface. The other soldering blocks can be used atop the Transite®. Maximum Operating temperature 600°F/316°C. – Honeycomb Ceramic Board JETS # 1922-4035 Perforated Ceramic to reflect heat for delicate and intricate jobs. The Honeycomb holes also provide anchor points for pins or wires, used to hold parts in place on the surface whilst soldering. A lightweight block is made of non-asbestos ceramics. Solder Board withstands heat of up to 2000° F/1093°C.   – Magnesia Soldering Block JETS # 1922-636 Block is 6″x3″x1-1/2″ is made of a soft fibrous and fire-proof material. Magnesia block is in a position to tolerate heat temperatures up to 2000oF / 1090oC. Block is comparatively soft which permits steadying object into the surface or inserting pins to hold parts for soldering. Block can be easily refurbished to a smooth surface by slight sanding. – Spark Igniter Lighter JETS # 2004-110 Sparker for Torch, Manual Striker to ignite Torch. – Third Hand Stand JETS # 1418-1558 (1418-5015,1418-5018) A soldering work stand with 2 Fiber Tweezers, A weighted base holds items stable and protected in any position whilst soldering. Tool enables user to have both hands free whilst working. The 2-Fiber grip Tweezers protect finger from heat build-up when soldering, base has a Straight and Bent Tip Self Locking-Cross Lock Tweezers that are 6-1/2″ Long. – AA Tweezers JETS # 1419-1002 Fine pointed Stainless Steel Tweezers used for soldering are acid and corrosion resistant 4-3/4″ Long. – Soldering Pick JETS # 1919-910 Solder Pick made of Tungsten withstands High Temperature solders, pick is 6-1/4″ long. The point can be bent to any shape without breaking. It has a hardwood take care of for insulation. – Head & Shank Tweezers JETS # 1421-505 A specialty Tweezers is the ideal tool to hold settings and shanks in position for accurate soldering. Stainless Steel construction with a slide lock and serrated base. – Safety Glasses Shade #5 JETS # 1217-175 Protective glasses have a green lens glass and can be used for soldering as well as some melting projects. ATHERMAL® glass offers eye protection for welding operations. These glasses offer high optical quality, dimensional stability resistance to radiation, scratch resistance. The agreeable grey-green color of ATHERMAL® assures remark without fatigue. Glasses are made of lightweight plastic, very comfortable with adjustable earpieces. CE approved. Made in Germany Items in this KIT are all Brand NEW, all components are inspected prior to shipping. Weight of Items in Kit is 4.5Lbs. SHIPPING: Via USPS PRIORITY MAIL NOTE: Visit JETSTOOLS our ebay Store Listings, where you’ll see individual components of this Kit together with a selection of many more Jewelers Equipment Tools & Supplies.JETS Inc. FRMB 4.5LZ 711 CKSP Z M P

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