Electric Mini Laser Circular Saw Cutting Tool Kit

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Electric Mini Laser Circular Saw Cutting Tool Kit

Electric Mini Laser Circular Saw Cutting Tool Kit Key Features Compact Size but Powerful Saw: Featuring a small size, this circular saw is of light weight and portable, but with a 705W motor, it can deliver full size performance at 4500RPM with ease to cut such materials as wood, metal, tile and plastic etc. Laser Indicator for Higher Precision Cut: With the laser indicator as the guide all over the cutting process, your line will be illuminated by the beam emitted, as the two overlaps with each other, your cutting line then change into more professional, well ensure the accuracy and straightness of your cut. Ergonomic Handle for Easier Operation: A soft leather covered handle can effectively absorb the shock force, increase the maneuverability of the saw, thus help you grip the saw comfortably and effortlessly with only one hand, so as to finish tight and detail cutting work conveniently. Versatile and Adjustable Cutting Depth: Comes with 3 different type of blades, You’ll be able to cut wood with TCT, metal with HSS, and the diamond blade for cutting of tile or brick. And the cutting depth can be adjusted up to 1.1”. Design of Dust Port: Extraction hose formed dust port can vent the cutting debris timely, help you clear the cutting surface, so that you can keep the cutting line free of dust at all times, and also give you a clear view of the cutting line. Description This is the newly designed circular saw which comes with loads of outstanding features. This circular saw enables more accurate and straight cut for you. The leather covered handle is much easier so that you can grip without any fatigue all over operation. You’ll be able to free adjust the cutting depth up to 1.1″. This saw is doubtlessly some of the versatile saws that you’re going to ever own. The 3 blades supplied comprise of an hss saw blade for soft metals and plastics, atct blade for wood, and a diamond blade for cutting masonry and ceramics. Do not miss this excellent tool, just add it to your cart now! Compact size with excellent portability and maneuverability Strong power design, 705 w deliver full-size performance at 4,500 rpm Copper motor serves you for longer cutting life Laser indicator greatly improved cutting precision Leather covered handle for easier grip and operation Adjustable depth of up to 1.1″ Two switches keep watch over operation for safety Rear motor separates the gravity center of the saw to suit for your hand grasp 3 blades to be used for different materials Cut wood with tct, metal with hss, and the diamond blade for cutting of tile or brick Dust port keeps the cutting line clean and improves visibility

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