Collectible Full Brass Chess Set 12″ hand carved with 100% brass pieces/coins.

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Collectible Full Brass Chess Set 12″ hand carved with 100% brass pieces/coins.

12″ BRASS CARVING CHESS SET WITH VELVET STORAGE BOX- FREE SHIPPING Description BRASS CHESS SETS chess sets are paradigm of perfection in hand carving metal work chess sets including staunton chess pieces(figures). Finely crafted knights with gorgeous king adds to the wonderful thing about these chess pieces and durability will last for years and future years. These chess pieces are known for their heirloom quality. If you in reality love chess, you deserve this chess set. THE CHESS BOARD SQUARES ARE ELEPHANTS CARVING DONE BY HAND BY SPECIAL SKILLED CRAFTSMEN IN THIS PARTICULAR JOB HAVING AN EXPERIENCE OF 15 years WHICH THEYGOT IN LEGACY FROM THEIR ANCESTORS. This chess set us a collectors’ piece and can be loved by chess enthusiast and home decor purpose & would also serve as a lovely gift option as a result of its amazing presentation in a velvet storage box making ot a complete package. SpecificationsAttributesCategoryBRASS CHESS SET TypeFLATStyleARTISTICModelCARVING COLOR : BLACK & SILVER Total Weight Of Chess Set4000 grams (8.8 lbs)CHESS BOARD SIZE: 12″X 12″ BOARD DESIGN: ELEPHANT CARVING KING HEIGHT: 2.5″ Item#SAC148Package Contains32 CHESS PIECES 1 FLAT CHESS BOARD 1 VELVET STORAGE BOX- color may vary- Red/Blue/Black. DimensionsChessmen Dimensions Height King2.5″ (63mm) Queen Bishop Knight Rook Pawn CHESSBOARD FLAT BOARD: 12″ x 12″ About Us We have been manufacturing and exporting superior quality chess sets, It is our devotion and intense study towards the development of designs that we offer you the distinctive and excellent chess. Getting world class chess sets directly from manufacturer, without the number of intermediary link of dealers in supply chain means that you would be paying less price than the chess sets you can get in department stores. We value your hard earned money!! We are open for custom chess set, if you have any requirement of chess sets in some design that you would like to have it for you, but only in large quantities then CONTACT US. Store Policies “Chess liked by Generations will continue to be liked by many generations to come” SOLID BRASS MODERN, UNIQUE CHESS SET For Adults Chess Board Chess Set for Adults Chess Pieces Brass Large Chess Collector Edition Brass Chess Pieces Pawns Chessmen Chess Coins Figurine Pieces Size: Chess Board Size- 12 X 12 inch Width. Material – Brass coated wooden base for strength.Made from High Quality Brass. Ultra Luxurious Brass Finish. All pieces are Hand carved.Also added a fine wooden box to store the chess pieces. Makes an elegant Gift Choice.This product is 100% handmade by skilled Artisans. We reinforce Artisans and want to conserve the arts & crafts of old times.Spiritual Lucky gift, Thanksgiving gift, Anniversary gift, Wedding gift, Birthday gift, Diwali gifts,mothers day gift, fathers day gift, goodwill gift, new year gift. Handcrafted Giant onyx beauty brought into life – Feel the royal and ambassador style, an imperial enigma, this chess set brings out the finesse of luxury and opulence that can’t be ignored. Comes in a Protected and Fragile Secured Packaging which Keeps them Protected and well safe against collisions with other pieces at the same time as on the move. Great to play, delightful to admire – It unveils the real adventure and spot on excitement of the chess game for the players and delights the onlookers with its regal charm and exquisiteness. Quality redefined – The intricacy of artwork and superiority of design is evident in the enticing figurine pieces of brass, and the smooth finish of the chess board complements them all. Bring home a chess set that is stunningly beautiful and has power to captivate the onlookers Material Highlights Formed with prime quality Brass material, this chess set not only beef up the decor of your house but also make you happy to playing chess with your family or friends.

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