AT&T Verizon 850MHz Cell Phone Signal Booster 2G 3G 4G GSM LTE Mobile Repeater

AT&T Verizon 850MHz Cell Phone Signal Booster 2G 3G 4G GSM LTE Mobile Repeater

Store category Sign Up Now ! You may additionally like AT&T Verizon 850 MHz Cell Phone Signal Booster 2G 3G 4G GSM LTE Mobile Repeater Product Description 1. This booster only works for 850MHz Band 5. 0-1 bar outside signal may not be suitable for using it.Before ordering, please check your frequency first, the booster’s frequency is 850MHz Band 5, if your frequency isn’t it, then it can not works.AT&T Verizon 850 MHz Cell Phone Signal Booster 2G 3G 4G GSM LTE Mobile RepeaterRaise Your BarsPhonetone’s Home cell phone signal booster increases voice, text and 4G LTE signal strength for many united states carrier, including AT&T Verizon ,T-mobile…Home Omni/Whip reduces dropped & missed calls and boosts signal for multiple simultaneous users, covering 1 – 2 rooms up to 2,000 square feet. Powerful CoverageHome Omni/Whip increases signal strength for multiple simultaneous users in 1 – 2 rooms, up to 2,000 square feet.Clear and Consistent SignalHome boosts voice, text and 4G LTE data for all Europe cell carriers- including AT&T Verizon ,T-mobile…Reduce Dropped & Missed CallsHome booster kits reduce dropped & missed calls and extend battery life for multiple cellular devices.Feature:1) Sleeping Mode: When no user calls, the device works in Sleeping mode, so to achieve the purpose of energy saving.2)Automatic Gain Control : When the downlink output signal is too strong or self-oscillated, booster can automatically reduce the gain and reduce the interference signal.3)Automatic Power Shut-down : When the self-oscillation happens and the link attenuation value reaches 20dB, the MCU sends out the instruction and shut-down the PA.4)MGC (Manual Gain Control): In order to install the booster conveniently, all frequency band of the booster have the Gain attenuation adjustment function, the adjustment scope is 0-20dB.You’ll rotate the Manual Gain Control Knob to the OFF state and turn off the corresponding frequency band.5) ALC(Automatic Level Control): Automatically adjust the output gain down to optimal figure even as the output gain is above the optimal figure by the ALC circuit, this can greatly optimize the calling and data transfer quality. Different points (with other amplifiers)Coverage comparison (according to the strength of different signals):Note: The amplifier kit in this link is the second set in the picture — amplifier with omnidirectional tube and right angle antenna setOutdoor AntennaOmni-directional antenna captures cellular signal from all directions. Includes pole and wall mounting hardware. Connects to booster with RG-58 coax cable (50 ft included with kit).Home BoosterIndoor bi-directional amplifier boosts cell signal received from and sent back to the cell tower. Powered by a standard AC power supply.Indoor AntennaWhip antenna (omni-directional) rebroadcasts boosted cellular signal to multiple mobile devices. Antenna connects directly to booster.Why You Want it?Packaging:Installation:WARNING:Check your mobile phone frequency before purchaseThe booster can only amplify signal, it can’t create signal. If there is no outside signal, the booster will not work for you. Please make sure You’ll make calls successfully outside your car.The booster can only work with cell phones that has the same frequency band as the booster. Please check which band your cell phone is using firstly by the methods below:For iPhone:Dial *3001#12345#*, then press Call buttonClick ‘Serving Cell Info’Check ‘Freq Band Indicator’;For Android phone:Download and install the app: LTE Discovery, tap SIGNALS’ and check band number.If it shows band 5, please choose this booster. If the test result is other number, please choose another booster according to your band. FAQ Delivery details Terms of sales Payment Contact us FAQ We design, develop, manufacture, market and service signal amplifiers systems for cell phone, with our innovative, dedicated and experienced team. We will be able to provide top quality products and solutions that you wish to have from your amplifier suppliers. Welcome to buy. FAQ 1. What does a mobile phone signal booster include? How does it work? Can I use the signal booster when the outdoor signal has 0 bar? 1) A signal booster kit mainly includes a signal amplifier ,an outdoor antenna(with a 10 meters coaxial cable ), and an internal antenna(with a 5 meters coaxial cable) etc. 2) Outdoor antenna receives the signal from the base station to transmit to the repeater, the signal is boosted around the place via the indoor antenna to improve the call; It is suitable for transmitting the voice and data of mobile phone, tablet PC, or the Internet. 3) Signal booster can only boost the mobile phone network signal, but does not help to generate any signal. For example, if your outside signal has 0 bar, it can not work or bring you any signal. 2. My outside signal only has 1 bar, the booster can bring me signal? Yes, it can. According to this situation, You wish to have a higher dB gain booster (80dB gain)+ a higher dbi outdoor LPDA antenna+ a higher dbi indoor wall panel antenna. You’ll contact our customer service to get related information. 3. What do I need to know before ordering a signal booster? Before ordering, You wish to have to know your network operator frequency. Every network operator has its own technology and frequency. The signal booster can only work well when it is suitable for your network frequency, otherwise it would not boost any signal. 4. I do not know my network frequency? How can I know it? Before ordering, You’ll search the frequency site or call your network operator to get information: Other choice: contact the customer service to provide related information to recommend. A. Tell us your network operator ,and it is used in which country. B. Tell us network current signal type(2g 3g or 4g) C. Tell us to use it to transmit voice or data 5. How can we do if we order the wrong frequency booster? You’ll contact the customer service to get the solution. 6. Why is my signal still same after installing the booster kit? A. The booster frequency is not suitable for your mobile phone network frequency B. The booster or the antenna is broken down 7. Mobile phone has full signal with booster, but can not make call or send message? Maybe it is the signal input and signal output interfere with each other. You wish to have make sure: There is separate wall between indoor and outdoor antenna, so that the two antenna signal do not interfere with each other. Please try to change the direction of outdoor antenna. 8. What square meters signal will the booster cover? According to the house construction, material, outside signal, etc., it can boost signal as much as 2000 square meters. More information, You’ll contact the customer service. 9. About receiving the incomplete parcel? Please contact the customer service to solve, do not leave the negative feedback, open return or case request. 10. Why can I get a signal on my mobile phone outside but not inside of house? Houses are built with much reinforced concrete, roof is with heat shield , or the outside walls are backed with foil. That metal which is used in many construction materials or the metal construction acts as a total barrier for mobile phone signals. In this case, the signal booster can work and play an important role. 11. What is the difference of different outdoor antennas? For area with good outdoor signal strength, you are going to need the standard Omni directional antenna which does not need to be pointed at the local mast asit receives and broadcasts the signal in all directions, such as the omni tube antenna ,the fiber glass antenna, etc. If the outdoor signal is weak, You wish to have the outdoor directional antenna which should be pointed to the base station to get signal, such as the outdoor yagi antenna, the outdoor LPDA antenna, etc. 12. What is the difference of different indoor antennas? The right angle antenna is the plug and play antenna, and it does not have cable, but convenient to install, suitable for the area around 100 square meters. The indoor ceiling antenna and the indoor wall panel antenna have 5 meters cables, more flexible, 4-6 of these antennas can be connected to one booster standalone to bring signal around 4-6 rooms, which covers signal around 2000 square meters, especially suitable for the large area such as factory, company office, multilayer building, etc. Delivery details (1) Usually we ship item by UPS(UPS surepost service & UPS ground service), USPS , Fedex within 2 working days after full payment is received(except weekends and holidays). (2) PO BOX address is not allowed with UPS GROUND SERVICE and Fedex when parcel is over 2KG. (3) In general,you should receive item within 1-6 working days if not delayed by shipping. (4) We provide the best shipping service, but if the item is not delivered on time, please contact us to solve. Hope you do not open case, open the return request or leave the negative feedback. Terms of sales Guarantee: (1) All Items have been twice tested before packaging & shipping (2) 30-Day Customer Satisfaction Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with the products within 30 days, please contact customer service to get return detail and get a full refund. Buyer is responsible for the return shipping fee if it is not the reason of quality. What You wish to have to do about return: (1)When getting boosters, contact customer service directly to solve your return within 30 days without needing to open return request. (2)Please keep the orignal parcel and whole things new with accessories when shipping back. (3)Send us the pictures of the your return parcel about goods via ebay message, which good for us to check. (4)Provide us the shipping tracking NO. after shipping it out soon. (5)We wil refund you full money when we get the parcel and check everything good. Feedback Policy: (1) Our system will automatically leave you a positive feedback when you leave a positive feedback on the store. (2) If you are not satisfied with goods, please do not leave a neutral/negative feedback, You’ll write to us immediately to solve the problem. About Clearing Customs: According to policies of different countries’ customs, goods from China to your local customs may have tax fee. If need to do customs clearance, you should cooperate with customs office to pay tax fee. We seller only bear the responsibility to inform and remind you, we do not bear your tax fee or any responsibility of shipping delay caused by customs.:) Warranty: (1) Two-month Free Replacement with the Reason of Quality (2) Free five-year Manufacturer Warranty Payment We accept only Paypal payment. A none-payment dispute will be opened if full payment is not received after 4 days of auction. Contact us If you have any problem with the products, please do not open case, open the return request or leave the negative feedback, You’ll just click contact and send message on the store, We will be able to solve it as soon as imaginable. Feedback

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