2 GAMES IN 1 – Aggravation – 6 Player – 6 Hole & Chinese Checkers, Black Walnut

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2 GAMES IN 1 – Aggravation – 6 Player – 6 Hole & Chinese Checkers, Black Walnut

Product info: By THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS Maker of Educational Wooden Toys/Games & Children’s Play Furniture NEW – REVERSIBLE GAME BOARD – 2 GAMES IN 1 The size of this Combination Aggravation & Chinese Checkers Game Board is an 20″ Hexagon, made of solid Black Walnut, with a beautiful wood grain enhanced by a non-toxic hand rubbed natural oil finish. The Aggravation game side is designed for up to (6) Players with (6) holes up and down to shorten the length of the game and also fit onto an 20″ Hexagon. The Chinese Checkers game side is on the reverse and fits nicely within the hexagon as well. The set includes: (60) 25mm (1″) dia. solid opaque glass marbles of which there are (10) each of (6) different colors: White, Black, Blue, Green, Red, & Yellow. All of the marbles are used in the play of the Chinese Checkers Game but only (4) each of the (6) colors, White, Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow are used in the play of the Aggravation Game. The set also includes: (6) colored Dice to match the (6) sets of colors of the glass marbles used in the play of the Aggravation Game. We also include the instructions for both Aggravation & Chinese Checkers on how to play the games, if you have forgotten from childhood. The marbles and dice are stored in a velour pouch with a double drawstring that is furnished. The pouch has a saying, “SHOOT MARBLES – NOT DRUGS” For 2 to 6 players ; [ difficulty : medium ] The marble size of 1″ ( 25mm ) means the following: 1. More safety around younger children. 2. A plus factor for the elderly, because they are an easier size to pick up with arthritic hands. 3. The bright colors of the larger sized marbles assist with poor vision associated with the elderly. The game board is designed so as to set out permanently on display with either one of two different sides face up. It then acts as a decorative piece when not being played with. What a cool way to store a game and never have to look in the closet or drawers to find it. This type of setting invites family participation more steadily. The family that plays together enjoys life a whole lot more. Kids should be seen and listened to (and talked WITH). THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS Our wooden toys are created for the safety and education of all. We started designing for young children, but soon found that every person in the family was the kid having fun. Even as having fun, learning skills are very apparent. These wooden toys help develop dexterity, hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, problem-solving and reasoning skills, plus many others. Not recommended for 3 years of age or younger. This game has the following qualities and capabilities: Non-Toxic (safe in child’s mouth). Water-Resistant. Heat Resistant. 2 SIDED Decorative & Conversational throughout the house. (All of the game boards can be left set up and out on display when not being played with and be decorative and a conversational piece.) (Please bear in mind that if small children are present that setting this game board out and left unattended may not be advisable.)Thank you for viewing! Take a look at our other items! 800×600 Here are the terms and conditions of THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS®, manufacturer of this product:Returns: All returns must have prior approval from THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS® before shipping back and subject to the following conditions: All returned goods must be sent back pre-paid of all transportation charges. They must be packaged similar as when shipped as a way to protect the contents. If not, damage may occur and will incur either a restocking charge or no refund at all due to damage. If purchased within 30 days, they may be able to be returned for full refund of the purchased price, exclusive of shipping and handling charges. They must be in brand-new sale-able condition; otherwise a 20% restocking charge will apply. If damaged, no refund will be conceivable. If returns are due to damage claims or warranty claims please see that section. Back-Orders: THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS® does not normally ship partial orders unless there are special circumstances deeming it necessary. If that is so the customer will be notified. Waiver: A waiver by THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS® of one or more of the conditions of the Terms of Sale is not to be considered a waiver of any other clause(s) of the terms of sale. Warranty: THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS® warrants its products to be free from defects in the workmanship or the materials under normal use and service that it is intended for. If any part of the product proves to be defective in the workmanship or the materials, and if such part is within 12 months of the date of shipment or invoice, (which ever is the latter), from the manufacturer’s factory, first must have prior written approval for return, then returned to such factory with transportation charges pre-paid, and if the same is found by the manufacturer to be defective in the workmanship or the materials, it’s going to be replaced or repaired, at the manufacturer’s discretion, free of charges, and returned to the customer transportation charges pre-paid. The manufacturer assumes no liability for consequential damages of any kind, due to abuse or otherwise not normal usage of the product, and the buyer, by acceptance of this product, will assume all liability for the consequences of its use and/or misuse by the buyer or others. A defect within the meaning of this warranty in any part or any product shall not, when such part is capable of being repaired or replaced, operate to condemn such product. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties (including without limiting the generality of the foregoing warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose), guarantees, obligations, or liabilities, expressed or implied, by the manufacturer or its representatives and by the statute or rule of law. Warranty Service: No products are to be returned to manufacturer without having prior approval. Proof of purchase, invoice or shipment from manufacturer within 12 months, is required to substantiate any warranty claim. Feel free to contact the manufacturer if you have any questions on the warranty of their products through the application of the products. Please call their toll free telephone # 888-806-2632888-806-2632. Repair Policy: THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS® warrants products to be free from defects in the workmanship or the materials under normal use for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice or shipment, (whichever is the latter), from the factory. If for some reason a returned product is found to not qualify under our terms and conditions of our expressed warranty, they’re going to notify the buyer of said costs of repair and return freight charges with an explanation. The returned product will not be returned unless they get a response and prepayment for repair costs and/or return freight charges. If no response within 30 days after notification the product will be disposed of. Normal 0 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 CallSend SMSAdd to SkypeYou’ll need Skype CreditFree via Skype

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