2″ Crisloid Catalin Bakelite Black Lemon-Juice Backgammon Checkers – Six Cup Set

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2″ Crisloid Catalin Bakelite Black Lemon-Juice Backgammon Checkers – Six Cup Set

Rare from the 1950s – 1960s minty 2″ ( Two Inch ) Black & Lemon Set to build your own large game board or use with your 2″ set. [ This set will not fit in a 1.75″ game board. ]. The Checkers have never been used and in the original box. Polished & waxed in a position to be used. Amazing high polish finish. Largest 2″ checker size ever made in the old Catalin plastics. BIG Package Deal. This is every other hand picked special set, Vivid Colors. Six (6) Cup Set.With the Lighter Lemon Juice colored Black & Lemon Checkers and Cup Set. This Listing comes with Six (6) Catalin Cups, the one set of 30 2″ Black & Lemon Colored Catalin-Bakelite Smooth Checkers, One Box (12) of Crisloid 3/4″ Chocolate Brown Dice, One Box (5) of Green Opaque 1/2″ dice and One Set of5/8″ Cranberry & Grey Dice with the Cranberry 1″ Doubler Cube. I selected some beautiful colored Catalin Cork-Lined Cups (4) to go with the Black & Lemon Set as shown in the photos., Green, Orange, Yellow and Bubblegum Cups. All polished and smooth as glass. The Green Cup looks like Ghost images or use your imagination. All of the cups have a special look to them. These are the finest Backgammon sets ever made, the plastics are unsurpassed. The ultimate 2″ set for making your Circle of relatives Heirloom Custom Board. You’ll build a big jumbo Backgammon board with materials from Home Depot and the usage of 12″ X 24″ rolls of smooth cork and painting your own pips – points to your taste. Nothing beats a jumbo board with the 2″ round 1/2″ to 9/16″ thick checkers. Double layer your cork fields and the board-sound will be quiet as the checkers tap across the board. The dice roll and bounce very well on double layer cork. Build your own board and make it personal. I have the dimensions if you wish to have them. Many thanks to all my repeat customers and future new customers. The most productive jumbo sets for playing in Newport, Block Island, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, New York, Long Island, Palm Beach, Miami, Beverly Hills & Alaska ! Feel Free to Ask Questions. Enjoy your Life, Build a Circle of relatives Heirloom Quality Backgammon Board.

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