13 Feet Double Gate Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit (Frosted Black)

13 Feet Double Gate Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit (Frosted Black)

Welcome To Our Ebay Store About us Payment Shipping Returns Feedback Experienced eBay Seller Fast Shipping Worldwide 13 Feet Double Gate Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit (Frosted Black) WHY CHOOSE US?: With 1/3 of the market price, you’ll be able to get the same quality products here! Premium quality hardware kit are provided along with a completely turnkey experience. SIMPLE AND EASY TO INSTALL: Professional instruction and customer service team help you solve all installation problems in time. Save the cost of finding a carpenter or decoration team. PACKAGE INCLUDE: A Barn Door Kit(2x 6.5FT Rails, 10x Rail Supports, 4x Rollers,4x Door Stops,4x End Caps,2x Floor Guides,1x Rail Connector, 1xHex Key, Pre-drilled hole spacer is 16″ for American wall stud;Can be installed on both wooden wall and concrete wall. Works for double doors;All other necessary hardware is included as you see in the pictures. *DOOR NOT INCLUDED. DOOR WEIGHT CAPACITY:150-220lb, Fit door panel width:36″- 40″, Fit door panel thickness: 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″. THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR HOUSE: This modern twist on the classic barn door not only saves space, it allows the ability to open up multiple rooms without the annoyance of a swinging door. DIY YOUR HOUSE: Q: How to ensure the stability and safety of the door? 2 * Door Stoppers: Two door stoppers slide along the rail and tighten down at any point to stop your door exactly where you wish to have, and they’re cushioned by rubber caps for a quiet close. 1 * Floor Guide: A T-shaped floor guide is supplied (with anchors) to prevent the door from swinging out or up against the baseboard. 2 * Anti-Jumpers: those little round discs- go on top of the door and won’t allow door to be lifted off rail unless they’re turned. Q: When do you wish to have a headboard? a. If the studs don’t line up with the pre-drilled holes in the rail. b. If there is a doorway trim. And “door depth” plus ”trim depth” is greater than 2” Q: How much space do I need above the doorway? A: You’re going to need a minimum of 6″ from the top of your door to the ceiling (or crown molding, if any) for this kit to fit correctly. Q: How thick of a door will this kit work with? A: There are solutions for any thickness of door! The bolts included for attaching the hangers to the door support a thickness range of 1 3/8″ to 1 3/4″, but this can be easily navigated by countersinking the bolt head into the back side of the door, or by picking up 4 longer bolts from your local hardware store. The other thing affected by a thicker door is the spacing needed between the door and wall (or baseboard/doorway trim). Plug in your door depth and trim depth below: 2” – door depth – trim depth If your answer is 0 or greater, then you’re fine. If your answer was negative, then that number is the extra spacing you wish to have. This extra spacing is accomplished by bolting a header board to the studs, and then the rail to this header board. Industrial Wheel Hanger Rhombic Shape Hanger J Shape Hanger Arrow Shape Hanger T Shape Hanger Brand: SMARTSTANDARD SMARTSTANDARD SMARTSTANDARD SMARTSTANDARD SMARTSTANDARD Min Space Needed Above Door: 8″ 6″ 6″ 6″ 5″ Compatibility: Single Door Single Door Double Door Single Door Single Door Rail Length(ft): 8 8 13 8 8 Pre-Drilled Hole Distance of Rail: 16″ 16″ 16″ 16″ 16″ Surface: Frosted Black Frosted Black Frosted Black Frosted Black Frosted Black Material: High Quality Steel High Quality Steel High Quality Steel High Quality Steel High Quality Steel Weight Limit (lbs): 220 220 220 220 220 Fit Door Panel Thickness: 1-3/8″ – 1-3/4″ 1-3/8″ – 1-3/4″ 1-3/8″ – 1-3/4″ 1-3/8″ – 1-3/4″ 1-3/8″ – 1-3/4″ Fit Door Panel Width: 42”-48″ 42”-48″ 36″-40″ 42”-48″ 42”-48″ CUSTOMER SERVICE SHIPPING ABOUT US Seller Reviews In addition to offering great prices on premium products, we pride ourselves in our ongoing commitment to super duper Customer Service! So now, you’ll be able to relax in knowing that we are on your side in terms of making your purchase go smoothly and assisting gladly if there is ever a need for a return. We have worked hard to earn the trust of our customers and we know the value of buying with confidence from experienced sellers that can ensure your buying experience is hassle free. If you wish to have more convincing about how hard we work to keep our customers happy, please be sure to click the Feedback Link above to see our thousands of positive Ebay feedback reviews, as perhaps the best indication of our genuine commitment to Customer Service. No Hassle Returns Because we realize that customers occasionally want to return a product after actually touching it, we offer an easy 30 Day return policy that permits you to return unwanted items, and to do so worry-free. We strive to be fair and honest with all of our customers and we make your satisfaction our top priority, including listening to each of our customers as to what they feel is the fair thing to do in unique return situations. We know how important it is to our customers to have a smooth and easy process for buying and returning products. Our Mission We have a deep belief that everyone that we sell our products to should be happy with how they are treated by us. We are committed to selling only the best and most extraordinary items at the best prices. If you have any issues with your order at all, just contact us and we will be able to do everything in our power to make your online shopping experience a positive one. We enjoy making longtime customers in this business, and we have learned the best way to do so is by selecting the best products at the best prices, and by treating our customers with the same fairness we would want from our own family. Thanks for stopping by! We ship to any US location (quickly), and to more than 100 different countries through eBay’s Global Shipping Program, which has proven to be a great way for international customers to count on receiving the products that they order. EBay’s team of experts in the Global Shipping Program make sure all international orders are delivered quickly and cheaply. We ship most products for a very low flat rate and offer free shipping in many instances. We are a longtime eBay business based in the USA. For over a decade, we have been carefully selecting an inventory of top of the range Beauty Health & Wellness products and other Home Goods that we will offer at unbeatable prices. We have built a team of expert shopping analysts that carefully select only the highest quality and best reviewed products for your home and family. It is our mission to save our customers time and money and to help minimize the excessive amount of time that it can take most shoppers to find reliably top of the range and affordable products when shopping online. Over the years, we have learned what our customers value the most, which includes our focused selection of the best products, our quick shipment and our world class customer service. And, we have inventory in several facilities across the US so we will ship it to your door as quickly as conceivable. Be sure to use the Search Box that is next to the ‘Search Store’ button above to browse through the many other items we have for sale. Integrity Sales. All rights reserved.

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