1 Pallet Tool set Tool Heavy Duty Disassembly Breaker Pry Bar Buster Wholesale

1 Pallet Tool set Tool Heavy Duty Disassembly Breaker Pry Bar Buster Wholesale

This listing for 1 pallet tool set that may be a total of 3 of the most productive tools for disassembling pallets… perfect for your hardware store or gifts (The main picture is of the pallet tool set. All of the others pictures of the tools bye them selves are just close-ups of the tool for viewing) Up for sale is a heavy duty pallet tool set(1) for either disassembling or breaking pallets apart. Can disassemble a pallet in approximately 5 minutes with this tool. All New American steel used to be used in the manufacturing process. Each one is handmade so there may be slight differences, from the one in the pictures. Built at IRONMAN WELDING with new steel. The rod(prongs) are cold rolled (1018) American steel. The gap between the rod(prongs) is approximately 2 1/2 inch wide. And NO bed Frame Angle iron, sewer pipe or Foreign Steel, all new American steel. 1 inch pipe threaded for your care for you’ll be able to buy from any local hardware store. **NO HANDLE IS INCLUDED** The care for is to be 1 inch schedule pipe. The care for may also be purchased at your local hardware store. No drilling on your part needed. You don’t seem to be buying a project so as to work on your projects. Easy assembly. The pallet tool is not painted left raw.Please look at the pictures. FtThanks for having a look.

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